OXYGN8™ apparel and accessories contain a responsive textile developed by Celliant®, that is designed to temporarily increase local blood flow which results in elevated oxygen levels in parts of the body, as well as providing countless other medicinal benefits through proprietary fabrics and researched engineering.

Celliant® is the most established & clinically tested Infrared textile in the apparel industry. Decades of development by leading experts in medicine, physics and biology, as well as a dedicated Scientific Advisory Board, has resulted in a proprietary fibre that is loaded with a potent mix of thermo-reactive minerals. Celliant® products are Class 1 medical devices. Embedded into OXYGN8™ products, this technology ensures they deliver what they promise:

  • Increase in thermal energy
  • Temporary increase in local blood flow
  • Increased local circulation and oxygen levels
  • Enhanced performance and efficiency
  • Faster recovery of muscles after exercise
  • Improved quality of sleep and overall wellbeing

    Whether you are exercising, running errands or relaxing at home, the OXYGN8™ products have been engineered to ensure comfort, support and versatility, whilst delivering medically proven results to the wearer