Garment Care

With correct care your Project apparel will stand the test of time.

That's why we've performed rigorous quality testing to ensure your garment stands the rest of time. Some garments are made with different fabrics, and requires special care for its specific materials. Take care of them according to their needs, as listed on the garment care label, and they'll continue to look good – as will you – for a long time.

 Washing & Drying Recommendations:

  • Hand washing items with a mild detergent is optimal and is our recommendation
  • Lie them out flat to dry
  • We understand you won't always have the time to hand wash, so a gentle machine cycle in cold water can be used
  • Do not put your Project items in the dryer.  The heat of a dryer breaks down the fabric structure and your items will not fit or wear as well
  • For large items such as bags spot wash with a damp cloth.