Giving is Good Business

Project Clothing is proud to support the following programs:

The Smith Family - Everyone's Family                                   


The Smith Family is one of Australia's largest charity clothing recyclers with


19 retail stores and hundreds of clothing bins across NSW and the ACT. Our multi-award winning Recycling Operation has collected, sorted and sold new


and good quality used clothing, accessories and bedding for more than 50 years.

The proceeds we make from the sale of clothing donations help to keep our administration costs as low as possible. This ensures that the majority of funds raised through donations from supporters can be spent directly on programs for disadvantaged students.

If you live in NSW or the ACT, you can help! Donate your new or good quality clothes and make a positive impact on the environment while supporting disadvantaged children. By donating good quality items of clothing for recycling, you are also saving water, energy and landfill.

November 2017

Project Clothing donated over $8,000 worth of new clothing which included: Tracksuits, shorts, T-shirts, hoodies, hats and cycle clothing. 

April 2018

Project Clothing donated over $5,000 worth of new clothing.



Nine years ago a small, like minded group of enthusiastic mums & a dad got together to start a Winter coat collection drive called OFF YOUR BACK. The idea was that no money would ever change hands, it would be pure & simple with no collateral & only an email to do the drive of directing people to take their pre-loved coats to the Salvation Army.

There are no long committee meetings or sponsor-led budgets. A viral email goes out to our own email lists, people respond by leaving their coats in our front yards or at one of the drop off spots – they love knowing their much-loved items are going on to another life with people who really need them. The drive now includes school collections, company collections and individual volunteers who collect, drive to collection spots and help with the running of the program annually.

JULY 2018

Project Clothing donated over 170 of our Jackets filled with 400 down to keep those on our streets warm this winter.