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OXYGN8 providing Melbourne Victory FC an extra 8%

OXYGN8 providing Melbourne Victory FC an extra 8%

   Innovation to perform and recover 8% more efficiently with OXYGN8

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA – January 29th, 2020: OXYGN8 announced today a partnership with Melbourne Victory FC that will lead the way in wearable technology to increase players performance and recovery.

OXYGN8 is a world leading technical performance garment that increases local blood flow and circulation, enhancing players performance and efficiency by producing Infrared energy. OXYGN8 uses Celliant technology which is embedded in the fabric and cannot wash or wear out and will last the life of the garment.

“Finding and creating the most technical performance garments in the world and delivering to the best athletes is something I find satisfying”, said Graeme Clarke CEO of OXYGN8. “To see athletes, reach a new level in performance brings all the hard work together.”

 Mr Clarke believes the partnership with Melbourne Victory FC is an ideal fit, “We all know the work the players do day in day out, so we are looking forward to seeing the playing group reaching new standards moving forward”.

Justin Dougherty Head Physiotherapist said, “Melbourne Victory have always sought the latest technology and equipment to assist with the recovery and physical preparation of our athletes. OXYGN8 has provided us with a high-quality product that has become an integral part of our recovery protocol. We are proud to partner with OXYGN8 and thank them for their support.”

OXYGN8 will not only enhance the performance of the world’s most elite athletes, it will also assist you if are looking to break your personal PB at any athletic level.

OXYGN8 is proudly  bought to by PROJECT CLOTHING.


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